Sunday, March 24, 2013

Little Twin Stars

My 6-year-old nieces were in a JC Penny's commercial that aired during the Academy Awards and my son was so excited when he saw his cousins on TV.  After rewinding it about 20 times, he was so cute and said, "I wanna send them mail." He wanted to send them a congratulatory card so I created this card and he wrote on the inside.  When the twins were younger, we would sometimes refer to them as Little Twin Stars so I used this "vintage"sticker as the focal point.  I say "vintage" because this sticker is from a collection of stickers I had as a child.  I used to collect and trade stickers.  My mom has been hounding me to clean out my old room so I recently went through boxes of stickers.  I got rid of a lot of them, but some like this, were too cute to part with (and I don't think they make a lot of them anymore).

Happy Monday!  Got a lot more in store for this week, so come visit me again!

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