Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Framed Farm Animals

Hi there! I tried out this Folded Paper Frame card last night and finally opened my Martha Stewart scoring board to make this.  Love the scoring board and had fun making this simple card.  The October Afternoon "Farm Fresh: Farmyard" paper is so darn cute!

I was side tracked last week trying to rescue a dog and find him a good home.  He had been roaming our neighborhood for almost 2 months.  I tried not to get involved but the animal lover in me couldn't ignore it any longer.  So I spent time trying to win the dog's trust to assess if he was adoptable or not.  He had been skittish so no one in the neighborhood had been able to get close to him.  After hours of working with him (and lots of snacks and food) I was able to get close to him.  I was even able to get him on a leash so I walked and ran him (in the rain) to build a closer bond with him.  It was then that I believed he would make a very loyal companion if someone gave him a chance.   Next step was to find him a home before Humane Society would try to take him.  I was worried sick I wouldn't be able to find  him a home, but my amazing friend Julie came through.  She also loves animals and despite already having 4 dogs and a whole menagerie of animals, she and her family rescued this amazing dog.  I am thrilled to report that the dog is doing well.  He isn't shy anymore and he's adjusted well in his new home.  It's a very happy ending!

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  1. Way to go, Debi! I asked Reid, "Did you read that your sister rescued another dog?" And he said, "I thought her blog was crafts." :)